World Class Athletic Surfaces has had the opportunity to work with Major League Baseball for many years. For the last ten seasons, WCAS has produced the paint and created stencils for the All-Star Game and World Series. This year’s All-Star Game was held in Miami, and the logo would feature a star with a Marlin coming out of the top.Major League Baseball typically provides the logo to World Class Athletic Surfaces about a week before the game.

WCAS will produce the stencil and ship it, along with the paint, within 24 hours.  This year, the stencil was produced and shipped as usual, but MLB decided to change the design of the logo a couple of days before the game.  No problem for the hard-working team at WCAS.  The new stencil was produced and shipped in a way only WCAS can deliver.  Everything was ready to go for the Home Run Derby, where Aaron Judge made a splash in his very first All-Star appearance.  WCAS was proud to be a part of this historic event.