Transforming the Game

Super Bowl LI

World Class Athletic Surfaces and the NFL have worked together since the company started in 1988.  For the past 16 years, WCAS has had the honor of supplying all the paint and stencils for the biggest football game of the year.  The Super Bowl is one of the largest productions throughout all sports.  It is truly a global event with an estimated 172 million viewers.  WCAS’s products…


The Battle at Bristol

On September 10, 2016, Bristol Motor Speedway hosted a football game between the Virginia Tech Hokies and The Tennessee Volunteers.  The game set the attendance record for an American Football game with a final number of 156,900 cheering fans.  The previous record was 115,109 for Michigan vs. Notre Dame in 2013.   “There has always been a desire by fans to see a football game at our…


2017 MLB All Star Game

​World Class Athletic Surfaces has had the opportunity to work with Major League Baseball for many years.  For the last ten seasons, WCAS has produced the paint and created stencils for the All-Star Game and World Series.  This year’s All-Star Game was held in Miami, and the logo would feature a star with a Marlin coming out of the top. Major League Baseball typically provides the logo…