World Class Athletic Surfaces and the NFL have worked together since the company started in 1988. For the past 16 years, WCAS has had the honor of supplying all the paint and stencils for the biggest football game of the year. The Super Bowl is one of the largest productions throughout all sports. It is truly a global event with an estimated 172 million viewers. WCAS’s products serve as the backdrop for memories that will last a lifetime.

Each year, preparation starts about 5 weeks before kickoff. World Class Athletic Surfaces will receive the mid-field NFL Shield and quarter field Super Bowl logo’s for stencil production. WCAS will then load the final 4 team logos into the system and wait for the results of the AFC and NFC Championship games.  Monday morning at 8:00 AM, the winning teams will be thrust into production and complete by 3PM that very same day. These stencils are 120 feet wide and 22 feet tall. The end zone, midfield, and quarter-field stencils, along with all of the field paint will be shipped by 4PM.

The Super Bowl itself is a masterpiece of production!  During the regular season, a ground crew of approximately 3-5 people will manage all of the painting for the field.  For the Super Bowl, that crew is 20+. The paint that is shipped will weigh approximately 16,000 to 18,000 lbs. The average NCAA Division I team will use a little more than that for an entire season! The practice fields, as well as the game field, will be perfect within 5 days and will stay that way throughout Super Bowl Week.