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Paint Tips


  • Always keep a case of green aerosol or five gallons of green bulk paint on hand. Use in emergencies such as painting mistakes, field vandalism, or spots of turf discoloration.
  • Aerosol paint is more durable in damp conditions. Always keep a few cases in storage if you need to paint in rainy weather.
  • Store aerosol cases upside down to keep paint and propellants in solution. Shake can well when ready to use to give a higher-quality paint appearance and more yield per can.
  • Always keep extra spray tips, strainers, and a spare pump on the shelf. This will be invaluable in an emergency situation.


  • Never clear a clogged spray tip with any pointed or sharp objects. Doing so will permanently damage spray quality. Instead, soak the tips in warm water and use a firm bristle brush.
  • Wash stripers down after each use so that they are always in good working order.


  • It takes approximately one case of aerosol to stripe a regulation high school football field, including lines coaches’ boxes, and hash marks. It takes about one case to pain the numbers and tick marks on the field.
  • It takes approximately 10-15 gallons of concentrate bulk paint to paint a regulation football field, including numbers and hash marks.
  • It takes approximately three gallons of concentrate to paint a regulation soccer field.
  • A 20 lb. CO2 cylinder will last about five games.